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Los Altos High School
Class of 1963



Many of you are aware, but some may not be aware, that our classmate, Mary Lynn Tyndall, has been wheel chair bound for 44 years after being involved in a tragic automobile accident.  Mary Lynn is a tough woman who has faced her adversity with humility and pride and has never shown the least amount of self-pity.  But now, she is facing another trial in her life.  She has had to evacuate her Magalia  home near Paradise due to the current fire and conflagaration that is hitting her home town area.  She was forced to leave at a moment's notice and doesn't have a change of clothes and knows nothing about the status of her house, nor will she for several days.  In the meantime, Linda Lavin has arranged for her to stay in a handicapped room in a nearby hotel until next Sunday, Nov 18.  Through a private Facebook message forum, several of us have made donations to Linda to offset her taking on the costs of providing lodging for Mary Lynn.  Basically, Mary Lynn is homeless right now and the prospects of her home still standing are remote.


I would like to ask all of our classmates to think about sending a check for $100 whatever you feel you want to provide for Mary Lynn.  She has no clothes and a limited stay at the hotel and I would like to make that we do all that we can to help out our classmate.


You can send a check to Linda Lavin or me or you can donate to Linda's PayPal account.

Linda's Pay

Linda Lavin....6350 N Placita de Eduardo, Tucson, AZ 85718

Steve Sanford.....2439 E Page Mill Dr, Green Valley, AZ  85614


Thanks in advance for any help that you can provide to Mary Lynn.


As the situation evolves and if the worst case scenario presents itself, we will establish a Go Fund Me page for her, but right now that is on hold.



Steve and Linda


Here is the latest update on Mary Lynn Tindall's status.   Linda Lavin has kept in contact with her daily even though there have been some understandable communications challenges.

There is some good news and some not so good news.  MLT was notified that her house was still standing but her daughter's house and all of her possessions were destroyed by the fire.  She was also told that she could not return to her home site for at least one month and possibly 2 months.  And to add insult to injury, she has learned that looters were arrested breaking in to homes in her neighborhood; however, since she can't return yet, she doesn't know if her home was affected. 

Thanks to all for your generosity.  No plans yet for a Go Fund Me account until we find out more.

Thanks and keep MLT in your thoughts; she's a trooper.


The following classmates will be attending the 55th Class of '63 Reunion:

Jim Allardyce

Rick Bell

Lew Boyle

Lois Caldwell (Manning)

Ann Christiansen (Bankhead)

Jim Darling

Jan Donner

Ingrid Dressen (Powell)

Louise Elliott (Marks)

Dan Erickson

Pam Frankhauser (Haines)

Pete Frankhauser

Gloria Glidden (Garrettson)

Deborah Graham

Paul Graham

William Holman

Gary Hubback    

Kathy Jacobsen (Odell)

Cheri Johnson

Marnie Jordan

Walter Joyce

Linda Lavin (Pollock)

Michael Lind

Bill Lovens

Lynn Minor (Walsh)

Sonja Norman(Freidman)

Denny Pennel

Karen Pflueger (Wolz)

Steve Sanford

Janice Sexton

Mitch States

Terry Stengle

Kent Stormer

Kathy Urbach (Bishop)

Sharon Waggoner (Rudell)

Mike Weathers

Patricia Williams (Hullar)

Phil Wolz

Looking forward to see all of you and catching up!


I would like to acknowledge and recognize the success of our fellow classmates at dinner event.  Many of you have established your own business(es) and/or have received an advanced degree.  Whether you plan on attending or not, I want to make sure that all get the credit they deserve for success in their careers.  Please notify me directly or through web site so that I can compile a list for the event. 



Welcome Classmates of the Los Altos High School Class of 1963:


We hope you find our new web site helpful in staying abreast of any events involving our class and in helping stay in touch with former classmates.  Please take the time to explore our web site and provide feedback on your thoughts of what could be added or deleted.  We look forward to everyone taking a few minutes to update profile and personal information which is only available to this web site.


Steve Sanford

55th Reunion


Planning was undertaken in January to have the 55th Reunion for the Class of '63; the date is Septemeber 29, 2018.  As the web site develops, we will be posting additional information regarding location, times and prices and lodging.  Please check the web site periodically for any upddates.


Reunion Committee

Steve Sanford

Linda (Lavin) Pollock

Janice Sexton

Terry Stengele

Louise (Elliott) Marks

Bruce Kahn

Len Robinson

Sue (Pugh) Berry