Destination Tucson 2021?


2020 was certainly a trying year for all of us.  Fortunately, we have not had any reports of any classmates that were adversely affected by the CV.  But it sure gummed up any travel plans that any of us had and put the damper on our planned 2020 destination 75th birthday celebration in Tucson.

Linda has received info from our hotel with dates of 10/1-10/3.  We need to canvas everyone to see if another attempt to have a 76th birthday destination get-together in Tucson is still a viability.  The prices should be very close to last year's and the schedule is:

Friday night – casual cocktail party

Saturday night – dinner

Sunday – breakfast @ the hotel (optional)

Way back in 2019 I provided a list of all of the points of interest in the greater Tucson area to enhance your stay.

Would you please respond to the following survey so that we may plan for 2021.  This my first attempt to utilize the survey function of the web site. Your answers will be linked back to the administrators and we can quickly compile results.

Thanks in advance for helping us out with your responses.

Steve and Linda

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1)   * We are planning another event in 2021. The same hotel as last year's attempted event except this year on 10/1 thru 10/3. Will you attend in 2021?

2)   * If you decide to attend, will you be attending by yourself or with another/others?